Christmas Challenge – the results!

It’s all over this year – or almost! We cannot thank you enough for being so generous and taking part in the Christmas Challenge. Those of you who have agreed to share your contact details with us will be thanked individually. Those of you who have chosen to remain anonymous – we value your support. We did not meet our target but all your donations have been doubled and a total of £3,140 has been raised for the children at the school.

Although the target was not met to achieve the maximum matched funding from the Challenge we now have a reduced target so if we raise a further £358 between now and 5pm on Wednesday 19th December we will have raised £3,856 for the school. Please click on this link at any time between now and then to make your donation:

We will let you know whether we have reached our reduced target in our newsletter due out in January but in the meantime we wish you all peace and happiness for the Christmas Season and for 2013.

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