Easter Greetings Newsletter

We are pleased to be able to send you a special bumper Easter Greetings Newsletter with lots of information and news about the wonderful students and staff at St Joseph’s. The slow steady development of the school and its resources, with the help of our supporters, are changing the lives of numerous students who were once dismissed as uneducable. Please continue to support the school by donating. Thank you.

Please read our newsletter and donate by using the VirginMoney link below.

Easter Greetings 2021


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Christmas newsletter arrives!

We are delighted to be able to post a bumper Christmas newsletter. Please click below.

Christmas Newsletter 2020

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday – what about Giving Tuesday?

Dear Friends

You might not know it, but we recently had Giving Tuesday – a day to give back after the commercial madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This year, more than ever, it’s a great opportunity to show you care – and if you can, consider a donation to St Joseph’s.

It’s been a really difficult year for everyone. Coronavirus has changed how the world works for everyone – from closing schools for months on end, to preventing travel and forcing people to stay in their homes, unable to earn a living. Inflation has hit hard, and the cost of living is getting higher for everyone in Sierra Leone – the price of rice has increased hugely, for example.

As ever, the staff and pupils have been amazingly resilient. The school reopened in October and the majority of pupils have returned and are studying hard – delighted to return to the school community. But as ever, funds are tight – government support is very limited, and doesn’t cover boarding, food or many of the staff salaries.

Please consider Giving and  showing your support by making a donation – big or small, it will really make a difference, and help keep the school running for the children who rely on it.

Every penny donated goes directly to supporting St Joseph’s – the charity has no staff and is run by volunteers.


With warmest wishes,

Linda Freestone

On behalf of the Trustees

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School Life Resumes

School life resumes!

Latest newsletter now available to read by clicking link above.

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Normality starts to return slowly

Slowly but surely the school is returning to a form of normality.

Read about it in our latest newsletter

Back to school for some

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Coronavirus update

Towards the end of March the Sierra Leonean Government declared a State of Emergency. The school is currently closed until further notice and the staff, students and boarders have returned to their homes. Monica Tomlin, the educational audiologist, was able to fly home just before the lockdown in the UK. The Sierra Leone Government has closed all schools, and banned church and mosque services and it has closed its borders.  Unfortunately there are now a small number of Covid-19 cases in the country including a Paediatrician who is part of the National Response Team but there does seem to be an adequate testing programme in place.

Friends of St Joseph’s School is a small charity with very few outgoings. It doesn’t have any paid staff and it doesn’t have to pay any rental on office premises so it is in a much stronger financial position than many. It mainly relies on donations from supporters so its income shouldn’t be too affected during these times.

We hope and pray that you, your family, friends and colleagues are keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times.

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